heartwood: a neighborhood market


205 E Broad Street, ground floor
a 3-story building currently owned by Walter Parks and home to

mOb studio


(76’l x 18’w x 16’h)


to design two different and similar experiences for a retail shop owner with between 1-3 employees and its customers. to design one experience for a store owner and his/her employees. to respond to, and challenge, Broad Street’s unique history


front of the store - custom produce fixtures + cooler + featured meal display + custom lighting fixtures

middle of store - grab and go + coffee + point of sale + custom lighting fixtures

medium: sketchup + marker + ink


The heartwood of a tree is the central tree ring, innermost part of the trunk. It is the oldest, strongest and most resistant of all the rings. Similarly, the heartwood neighborhood market is a central place of nourishment and knowledge that grounds the historical community of Broad St. and Jackson Ward community, by representing and contributing to its fortitude. Heartwood is the strength of its community, By selling affordable fresh whole foods, encouraging ans enabling the community to become healthier and stronger.

concept/branding diagram

final concept model
communicates a dense heartwood and tree rings, in a rectilinear shape that mirrors the site


programming diagram
illustrates importance of activities, adjacencies
between activities + owner or customer use

programming plan diagram 
to be the heartwood, or the strength of the community, the owners want to strengthen the neighborhood by encouraging customers to select healthy options, healthy items like produce are place in abundance at the front of the store and foods that should be consumed in small quantities at the back of the store.


existing material study

material selections

rendered furniture and fixture plan

mezzanine level

lower level

retail fixtures design

family of fixtures (left to right: featured meal, dry goods, produce

axonometric drawings

family of fixtures

axonometric drawings

feature meal display

drawing + model


back of the store - dry goods + meats
medium:marker + pen + sketchup


office space
medium: marker + pen + sketchup

presentation layout
final critique

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